Today Oricraft has reached its next mega update. Which is by far the biggest update of the network adding lots of new stuff in for players and adding in a much easier way to level up (As well as a lot of special customizability).

Now in the Extended Horizon update i said that update will change the entirety of Oricraft. This update is no different as it completely overhauled the old game finder system and replaced it with a new one.



Oricraft has replaced its old queue system where you j...

Today is a very exciting today. One where two updates come out side-by-side.

Originally the "Spooky" update was supposed to release on the first hour of October but came out hours earlier due to personal reasons. In the spooky update we have brought in some fun little goodies for you as well as a mini update to the original game "PvP Parkour".



It's common knowledge that you cannot have halloween without some ghosts so we've hidden some...

Welcome to The Oricraft Network's first major update titled the "Extended Horizon" update. This update is a two part update with
part one focusing on PvP Parkour and part two (releasing second half of this month) focusing on UHC SkyWars.

In this update we have added many new features that will change the entirety of the network with features as such:



Oricraft's Anti Cheat has entered into its Alpha Stage only in PvP Parkour blocking movement cheats creating a much more
fair environment for the PvP Parkour Gamemode

The Ey...

One of the major problems with oricraft was the lack of single player type servers. Sure we had a mob arena in the lobby but that wasn't really enough... Until today!

Oricraft Creative is a big twist on the creative gamemode allowing you to create your own world which you can even treat it as your own server. You can toggle if only Friends can join your world, Anyone can join or even just yourself

There is a variety of building tools for you to use such as Build Tools (A world edit hook to make building fast and easy), Head Creator where you can insert a player name (Of someone who has joined the server) or the texture value from minecraft-heads

You can even obtain blocks not in your version or creative m...

The oricraft network needs ideas on what to do for our store design so we are asking you, the players, to help us out with this. But not in any simple way... Contest time!

It's very simple. You don't need ANY code or design experience to enter you just need to draw what you'd think would look great for a few pages of the store! These pages include; Main Page, Ranks, Other Categories, Purchase and Username input

Once you have a design idea give it a draw and submit it in the media with the title [STORE CONTEST]. But it wouldn't be a contest without prizes... So let's explain the prizes we are giving out!

If you win and your store concept gets developed into the actual store design you will win $100 Direct into y...