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by ImJustIsabella » 10 months ago

Welcome to The Oricraft Network's first major update titled the "Extended Horizon" update. This update is a two part update with
part one focusing on PvP Parkour and part two (releasing second half of this month) focusing on UHC SkyWars.

In this update we have added many new features that will change the entirety of the network with features as such:



Oricraft's Anti Cheat has entered into its Alpha Stage only in PvP Parkour blocking movement cheats creating a much more
fair environment for the PvP Parkour Gamemode

The Eye uses Packet Listening to verify every action the player uses in an Async form minimizing the lag the server
will receive! During tests we were proud to say that it even successfully blocks the bypasses built into hacked clients without any issues!

The eye will be constantly updated to prevent all cheats while trying to remain as accurate as something can be to prevent
banning of legit players. (During Alpha "Bans" are just kicks)




PvP Parkour releases its first new class titled under "Sentry". This class allows you to place a turret
ANYWHERE in the map that shoots an arrow every 1.5s with a limit of 64 arrows. If shot once then the
turret will be destroyed

The best strategy to deal with the Sentry's turret is to out play its very simple movements causing it
to shoot a wall instead of you then you shoot it straight after!



The Mines are a very deadly place indeed. That is no exception for this mine!

Lava everywhere you turn and to make matters worse... Minecarts will fall from the sky
creating a massive explosion!




I hope you brought a jumper because this map is going to take a while! One of the hardest maps to be released
to the PvP Parkour area introducing an abundent of four-block jumps, corner jumps... And of course the new special...

FALLING BLOCKS! Be careful as these can be dangerous!





At long last achievements exists on the oricraft network! Play games and complete achievements resulting in
unlocking classes for your hard work! (Soon)



No more zombies for your class selector! Now you have models with player skins standing there to click
Using outward packets you will see something there... But the server wont. This quite the amount of CPU
the server needs to process. No more 24/7 Loaded Chunks.



Statistics "Existed" on the server but for some reason leaving caused it to be erased. This bug has been
resolved with a whole new statistics system! Now your stats will save permanently!



For the first half of the update this is currently all we have ready! Be prepared for the second half as it doesn't end here!

So sit back, Play some games and as always enjoy your time on the ORICRAFT NETWORK!