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by ImJustIsabella » 7 months ago

Today is a very exciting today. One where two updates come out side-by-side.

Originally the "Spooky" update was supposed to release on the first hour of October but came out hours earlier due to personal reasons. In the spooky update we have brought in some fun little goodies for you as well as a mini update to the original game "PvP Parkour".



It's common knowledge that you cannot have halloween without some ghosts so we've hidden some of these little heads around the Main and Creative lobbies (20 in Hub, 17 in Creative)

Spooky ghost

For each ghost you find you will get some progress into the "Ghost Hunter" achievement set as well as 100 Coins in a random game. However, Upon finding ALL the ghosts in the Creative and Main lobbies you will be rewarded with 2000 Coins in ALL games. Pretty neat right?


Throughout october you will have a chance (1 in {days to halloween} chance) for your game to be corrupted. Depending on the game you are playing this will create some crazy things.

In PvP Parkour it is known to speed up the entities and tick rate as well as give you a lot of extra items, While in UHC SkyWars it's known to unlock ALL your perks, give you 3x chest loot and go straight into deathmatch.

Getting into a corrupted game will reward you with a special achievement and winning the corrupted game will give you an even more special achievement


Throughout the entirety of October the Oricraft lobbies will be using their "Spookified" varients which will give you some fun little gags from the entities being zombies (And minor name changes!), to the mob arena having a lot of Jack-O-Lanterns!

Main LobbyCreative Lobby


While that is all the "Spooky" update has to offer (Excluding the 50% Off Sale in the Oricraft Store) we still have the mini-update added to PvP Parkour changing how it plays quite a bit



PvP Parkour has always been about team work but the old system made it less team-work and more... One person carries, whole team wins. This system has been scrapped and replaced for a newer system that promotes helping your team reach the end as well!

From; One player reaching the end to win for the team

To; The whole team has to reach the end to win

This is a big change. BUT if you fail to reach the end on time the team with the most players who reached the end wins the game automatically.


The launch puff is quite important in PvP Parkour maps, It allows you to go up such high jumps quickly but the major problem with it is everyone kept flinging into the wall.

So the launch puff has been made much easier that instead of flinging you the direction you are looking it flings both upwards AND the direction you are looking which will make a lot less faces in the wall