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by ImJustIsabella » 6 months ago

Today Oricraft has reached its next mega update. Which is by far the biggest update of the network adding lots of new stuff in for players and adding in a much easier way to level up (As well as a lot of special customizability).

Now in the Extended Horizon update i said that update will change the entirety of Oricraft. This update is no different as it completely overhauled the old game finder system and replaced it with a new one.



Oricraft has replaced its old queue system where you join, It finds you a game and you are in. The new system compacts both the party and player queue together and work a little faster than the original. That is not all though.


In preferences you can choose wheter you join started games or not (As a spectator so you go in next round) OR you can choose to right click the item in the GUI to specify your options to exactly how you like. Feel like playing a map of Library in PvP Parkour? You can join straight into the game hosting the map of Library without waiting for the randomized rotation to select it.


Normally a feature like this would require a high rank on a majority of servers but here we believe a feature like this should be open for EVERYONE as it lets you play the games you want, more often.



Who here knows of Hangman? It's a simple game where you have to guess the word and if you guess wrong too many times you failed. Well here at Oricraft we made our own Hangman to play in the lobby... But there is a twist.


In Oricraft Hangman you have a time limit that changes depending on your difficulty. It goes down like a normal time limit but if you guess wrong you lose 10s off your time. However, If you happen to guess right you will gain an extra 5s onto your time.

If you guess the word correctly you will get experience based on {Word Length}*{Difficulty Multiplier}



For the first time on Oricraft a boss has finally made its appearance in the mob arena... This boss is particularly tough for solo players with no gear so you best stay safe. This boss has 3 special attack patterns that it will sometimes combine into mega attacks.


The first attack being it's shield where 8 pumpkins spin around the boss and shoot arrows. While the shield is up the boss is invincible to all attacks so you need to destroy the pumpkins with them spinning just that little bit faster the more you destroy.

The second being where it hides in its hide and starts spinning. It will then proceed to follow the nearest player throwing them away with a bit of damage. While it is in its head the boss is once again Invincible as it is "Spinning too Fast".

The last attack is where it will spin around in a circle and throw minions into the air that will chase after you and defend the boss.



Each time you level up on the Oricraft Network you will gain a "Loot Chest". These magic chests are pretty awesome featuring a fun little animation. A loot chest gives you a random item for you customizations OR will just turn into dust at this time.

Loot chests will remember your position if you close out and will not count as "Opened" until the animation is completed so you don't have to worry about any losses with Loot Chests. Just open, Claim, and enjoy.



A lot of  designs in the lobby have been changed around quite a bit. For example; The Socials book has been removed entirely and replaced with a nametag called "Lobby Games" allowing you quick access to the games you can play in the lobby while waiting.

The profile has been changed and merged with socials allowing for a fun experience as well as a way to view creative worlds for preview!

NPCs have been moved from Villagers to Actual player models.

And 1.9+ Players get a special Boss Bar that changes color depending on what you are doing.



See a class that has caught your interest but you don't have enough coins to get it? Or maybe you wanna know what is best to buy. With class trials you can play a locked class for a whole round without spending a single coin. All you have to do is go to the class selector and complete the "Trial" activation.



The UHC SkyWars has had a perks book for such a long time. This has now been replaced and will vary depending on the version of Minecraft you are playing.

If you are playing 1.8.9 - 1.11.2 then you just need to open your inventory and everything you need will open up. However if you are playing 1.12+ then you will have NPCs based around your skin called "The Perks Master" on EVERY island.

Both of these things will open a special GUI where you can open a crafting table, modify your armor or unlock perks to win the game



Due to the size of this update we will not be able to bring out a "Christmas Update" this year and the first Christmas Update on Oricraft will be pushed to 2021. We won't cut out on giving special "Christmas Features" outside the server though so keep an eye on that.