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by ImJustIsabella » about 1 year ago

Oricraft has officially reached its open beta phase! Woo-hoo!

For those of you who have been along with us for the 1.5 Year-long development phase back when Oricraft was originally called "Edgecraft Games" we thank you for all your help to get the server to the place it is today!

Now, We understand beta isn't perfect in any way but it's a huge step up for the network. If you notice any bugs during the open beta (Lasts till 15th of June) please send in in the bug reports section our discord here and it will be sorted as quickly as possible! (Within 24h. In rare cases - more).

After our beta phase ends we will be working on the first major update for the server as well as some exclusive fun minigames for Halloween and Christmas season.

So invite your friends, Chill around, and enjoy your time on the Oricraft Network @ the ip;

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