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by ImJustIsabella » 8 months ago

The oricraft network needs ideas on what to do for our store design so we are asking you, the players, to help us out with this. But not in any simple way... Contest time!

It's very simple. You don't need ANY code or design experience to enter you just need to draw what you'd think would look great for a few pages of the store! These pages include; Main Page, Ranks, Other Categories, Purchase and Username input

Once you have a design idea give it a draw and submit it in the media with the title [STORE CONTEST]. But it wouldn't be a contest without prizes... So let's explain the prizes we are giving out!

If you win and your store concept gets developed into the actual store design you will win $100 Direct into your Paypal and 90 Days of Diamond for FREE.

If you don't win. Don't worry we will be giving second and third place prizes! While you won't get any Direct money you WILL get Diamond or Gold rank depending on your position

Everyone who competes will be rewarded 2,500 Coins in all game modes!

There is no end date at this time so please keep checking back. From here on we shall have the competition so...