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by ImJustIsabella » 11 months ago

One of the major problems with oricraft was the lack of single player type servers. Sure we had a mob arena in the lobby but that wasn't really enough... Until today!

Oricraft Creative is a big twist on the creative gamemode allowing you to create your own world which you can even treat it as your own server. You can toggle if only Friends can join your world, Anyone can join or even just yourself

There is a variety of building tools for you to use such as Build Tools (A world edit hook to make building fast and easy), Head Creator where you can insert a player name (Of someone who has joined the server) or the texture value from minecraft-heads

You can even obtain blocks not in your version or creative menu!

By default all worlds show a world border and allow visitors to fly and be in creative mode but if it is not how you want to do things you can disable world border and flight.

Of course the customization for your world doesn't stop there. You can make up to 30! (Yes i said 30) boss bars that change after a defined amount of seconds - Every part of the boss bar is free for YOU to control!


Before you go and try build tools for yourself here are some tips that might help you:

  • if you click your Region Selector to set Pos 1 or 2 at air then it will set right at your feet. If at block then it will set at the block you clicked


  • With Fill you drag the Item you want to fill with above the white line but if you change your mind with that item you just click to get rid of it. This of course goes the same with Replace except Left side is replacing and right side is setting.


  • If you want to skip the whole GUI and use the last fill action you did then just left click the item instead of right click


  • Copy/Paste work the same way as normal world edit but without a command. Though if you left click with the paste tool then it rotates 90 Degrees


As always; Have fun and enjoy your time on the ORICRAFT NETWORK!


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by Alibyes » 11 months ago

Hey I like the server and I want to be a mod/builder to help the server. What are the requirements?